About Us

Face-to-face marketing platforms that produce results
Trade Show Exhibits

Face-to-face marketing is a critical component to any marketing program.  Whether you are introducing new products, supporting your current offerings or trying to create the ultimate show floor “buzz”, we can help!  Vortex Displays specializes in trade show displays from concept to completion.  We like to call it the “concrete-to-concrete” approach.  We start with strategic thinking and leverage decades of experience to provide the best solutions and structures to fit your needs and budget.  Our experts will leverage your brand into a three-dimensional experience that is memorable and gets the results your company expects.

Corporate Events

Acquiring a dedicated audience to deliver your branding, products and messaging is a key element of any marketing plan.  Events can include a variety of approaches including user conferences, keynote addresses, sales meetings and product launches.  Vortex Displays has the experience and knowledge to partner with your team to create a top-notch corporate event that will give your customers and prospects a take-away that you can measure and follow up on.

Custom Environments
Our team has the knowledge and background to get your products out into a wide variety of market places.  Custom environments are an exciting addition to any marketing program.  Environments include company lobbies, EBC rooms (Executive Briefing Centers), retail environments, museum and interpretive work and road shows.  Our unique approach to design and fabrication services related to environments is unparalleled.  We will create a unique visitor experience for specific needs.
Logistics and Management
We offer national management services in most major US cities including warehousing, refurbishment and inventory control.  Our flagship locations around the United States include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas and New York.  We have a broad reach that extends to many suburbs of these locations.  We offer more than 400,000 square feet of warehousing nationwide with a complete inventory system that is available via e-mail or client access point via our web site.
Global Services
Exhibiting internationally?  We have experience and partnerships in more than 40 countries worldwide.  Our approach allows for design in the United States or abroad using the same critical thinking standards that get results and lead to additional new business development for your sales team.  We understand the cultural differences from location to location and can fulfill your marketing needs by event….and by location.