How many seconds does it take…



You have less than 5 seconds to send your message to a potential buyer… how do you get it done?

The challenge… take an audience who is passing by, engage them and make your impression stick! Here are 10 ways to create an impact at your next trade-show!

1. Be Social! Create a “BUZZ” – Promote, promote and promote…..#Hashtags, incentives and follow up… we all know the rules, but do you follow (up) on the results? Websites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We all know the rules… but use them to your benefit. Create a social media “buzz” for your next event… it works! People love to socialize their experience if it a good one! Use these rules of engagement and start a social chain to promote your event.


2. Create the WOW factor. – Choose graphics wisely. It’s best to use larger text and get to the point! Let your booth staffers tell your organization’s story. Use a video loop on an iPad or flat-screen TV to showcase your organization and draw in attendees. Let your content marketing speak volumes about your offerings.

3. Choose the right types of displays. – Having a display that requires minimal time and labor is a huge help in your show success. Save time and money… custom displays have come a long way to reduce set up expenses… portable exhibits also offer many great benefits… See samples in our gallery by clicking:

4. Use promotional giveaways with your company logo. – Useful items go a long way, but don’t just choose a giveaway because it’s popular. Just because it works for another company it does not mean it will work for you. Your giveaways should be tied to your message or your brand. Some great ideas can be found on our Blog by clicking:

5. Leverage a great booth staff. – Let’s face it….this is a business about face-to-face marketing… Raffles, incentives, games, presentations and other ways to engage and captivate your audience will yield incredible benefits! Capturing information is the key to any event… iPad stands, personal interaction and gift cards are all very popular areas to explore.

6. Sponsorship. – Sponsor an event or trade show. Look for the greatest opportunities offering the least expensive solution. It can be worth the money to receive the attendee list and exposure on the website, pre-event marketing, invitations and e-newsletters.

7. Word of Mouth. – Offer your attendees incentives to pass along your sales pitch to others… Attendees might receive a referral card via hard copy or digital with an incentive to pass along to another supplier or in-house buyer… it works.

8. Business Cards. – OK, we do think this is very 2006… but needed… we recommend a way to pass along a digital business card to your prospects. It is as easy as exchanging emails… now with that said… Have plenty available on site but always consider a digital alternative.

9. Literature. – Be sustainable! We are seeing less of printed materials and brochures at events. Some are spiral-bound or in literature racks. If you display any, remember less is more. Don’t let your collateral end up in the dumpster… but understand that your prospect has lots of items to carry back on the plane… so a follow up “ping” with digital information is by far the way of the future.

10. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up! – Nothing else to say here… this is why we go to shows… Make sure you have a strong follow up plan with your sales team.

The 5 second rule does not only apply to dropped food on the floor… trade shows are the same deal… engage, interact and lead.



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Loren Ellis - President - For over two decades Loren has been exposed to almost every facet of the event marketing industry. Working from the back end of the business through to the front, his experience and ability to identify strategic opportunities makes him an invaluable resource to any program.

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