Information is FREE!

Need to make a quick inquiry? Have a question that needs a fast answer? Chat with us online now! We have recently added a chat feature to Vortex Displays’s website, where you can chat with real time experts ready and waiting to help you!

Sometimes we don’t need a sales pitch or long drawn out conversation, we just need quick answers to simple questions… Well

Information is FREE!

Just connect today to and click the orange chat bar in the bottom right corner of the page. We are available day and night to answer your questions about our products and services or just reply to general industry questions that need to be resolved. We are here to help!



About Loren Ellis

Loren Ellis - President - For over two decades Loren has been exposed to almost every facet of the event marketing industry. Working from the back end of the business through to the front, his experience and ability to identify strategic opportunities makes him an invaluable resource to any program.

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