MultiQuad Trade Show Podium Solutions

unique and practical and dynamic options for your display

Continuing with our overview of the MultiQuad Exhibiting system, we are moving on to the podium options that are provided. The flexibility and diversity of the MultiQuad podiums are just as dynamic and stylish as the rest of the exhibiting system. There are two distinct styles and sizes you can configure to your needs. Let take a closer look at the options.

MultiQuad Display POD1 Locking PodiumThe MultiQuad POD1 booth podium

This exhibit podium options has a solid Quad base with and open top area that is perfect for a small shelf or product display area. The modular design of these podiums allow for support of up to 100 pounds and can are sturdy enough to be stand alone or set against a back wall giving you the look of a cabinet system.


MultiQuad Exhibit Podium POD2The MultiQuad POD2 exhibit podium

This unique podium solution has a solid top and legs at the bottom giving you the look and feel of a solid counter that is perfect for presentations. Both options can be configured in linear, U or L shapes to fit your specific needs, and true to form, can be reconfigured quickly giving you more space for traffic as needed.


multiquad_podium_locking_storageMultiQuad locking display podium options

Both the MultiQuad POD1 and POD2 podiums have a locking cabinet options that can safely store your important items. This is discreet and functional way to store your laptops and other sensitive items. Ensuring your valuables are secured for the duration of your trade show exhibit or event is a reassuring option that both styles have for your choosing.

MultiQuad exhibit podiums an be used with any trade show exhibit

Any of the MultiQuad podiums can be used with any custom, modular or portable exhibit you have, and we recommend them for their easy no tool required set up and dismantle.  This truly is a podium solution that you will absolutely fall in love with.


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2 thoughts on “MultiQuad Trade Show Podium Solutions

  1. Indeed the MultiQuad system provides a (modular as well as portable) flexible platform for exhibitors from table top to 100′ x 100′. Accessories abound within this system, designs are limitless due to the reconfigurability and the lightweight is saving exhibitors in their shipping and drayage costs (often helping to offset their initial MultiQuad investment). Keep an eye out as there are several new and exciting additions coming to the line.

  2. adminsays:
    Matt Smith

    We would love to see what you have in the works to further this product line. Really exciting news, and we are sitting on the edge of our MultiQuad seats waiting to see what you guys have put together!