3Z Telecom Rental Stand MWC14
3Z Telecom’s International Exhibiting Success
3Z Telecom took full advantage of The Velocity Group’s international exhibiting expertise to establish the best strategy and team for the MWC14 projects goals. 3Z Telecom was able to get an outstanding 100% custom rental or single use stand, and make a big splash at the show...
international exhibiting
How to Design and Manage Your Project Locally While Exhibiting Abroad
With the shifting global economy we are seeing a strong increase in the desire to take full control over all facets of international trade show and event project from beginning to end...
international exhibiting guide
Exhibitor Magazine’s International Exhibiting Guide
Utilizing this very handy guide you can pick the country you are planing to hold an event or exhibit and it will give you a good amount of information about the particular countries rules and regulations among other items