The best items to have in your trade show tool kit

toolboxEvery trade show manager knows that just like asking your neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar, we all need tools on site.  Sometimes if you don’t include some items… you will pay what the market will bear at the moment… so plan ahead and pack a box with the following “suggested” items:




  1. Pens – ball point, Sharpies, large markers
  2. Tape – scotch tape, duct tape, packing tape, masking tape
  3. Stapler and staple gun
  4. Small portable tool kit with simple tools
  5. Box Cutter or razor blades
  6. Business cards – more than you think you’ll need
  7. Business card holders
  8. Note pads or post-it notes
  9. Backup phone battery or charger
  10. Extra phone cables
  11. Small tool kit with screwdrivers and box cutter
  12. Rubber bands and paper clips
  13. Extension cords and plug-in strips
  14. Small first aid kit
  15. Hand sanitizer and lotion
  16. Breath mints
  17. Cord keepers or plastic zip ties
  18. Zip lock bags
  19. Cleaning supplies
  20. Hand vacuum or portable carpet sweeper
  21. Safety pins
  22. Flash drives, including digital copies of any giveaways
  23. Comfortable shoes!
  24. Promo items
  25. Photos of the assembled booth
  26. Staff contact information and detailed travel plans
  27. Copies of all show orders

Guaranteed you cannot go wrong by including these items!


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