What do Trade Show Managers, Meeting Planners and Event Gurus all have in Common with America’s Favorite Pastime?

Vortex Displays has hired the best managers, drafted the best players and have put the best competitive team on the field in order to win the “game” of event marketing.



With the last pitch of the 2014 World Series this year, we were inspired by the fantastic match-up and sportsmanship between both the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants. Unless you were on the moon you know that the Giants won the best of 7 series this year in part part to their pitching staff. World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner put together a two game starting role performance will go down as some of the greatest pitching starts in world series history. But it was the Giant’s Manger, Bruce Bochy’s decision to bring Bumgarner back in a supporting role for game 7 that would become the story of the series. Bumgarner came in the game in the later innings and simply shut out the competition to win the Giants their 3rd World Series title in a 5 year span sparking rumors that there is a new Dynasty in Major League Baseball. In game 7, the bullpen for the Giants is what changed the momentum in the series and carried the Giants to the ultimate prize in baseball.

What does this have to to with trade show and event marketing?

If you are familiar with baseball, you know that all nine players on any team that are in the line-up must perform as a team.  We all know that teamwork is important,, right? Game 7 of the World Series reminds us that your supporting team players beyond the starting line up are equally important, so we ask – #whosinyourbullpen

Event marketing and all face-to-face marketing opportunities require exhibit managers, exhibit designers and producers and industry vendors to all collaborate and work as a team. It always starts with a good manager. Building a team that will go all the way and end the game with a “win” is what we are all looking for. Our line-up for a successful game-plan is simple:

Communicate effectively and make sure the team is on the same page.

A good place to start is to create a communications team to get everyone on the same page. In person kick-off meetings, designated e-mail groups, weekly conference calls and communications software (some are free) like Evernote or Basecamp are great programs to increase productivity, collaborate and share notes and updates with a task group.

velocity-image3Identify and hire good partners for your infield.

There are a lot of moving parts in the field of play when putting together a trade show or event.  Interview and hire team members that fit your management style and also have a strong reputation in the industry.  Just like the best players in baseball, your partners should have good statistics, be admired by others (references) and have a long record of similar support for their role. Begin with your exhibit design team and your fabrication partner. Beyond this group, identify an excellent labor partner, audio/visual team and transportation representative. If you do not have a solid relationship with these players, your display house can usually help make recommendations or simply create a turn-key exhibit and display solution that will work seamlessly for you.

Don’t forget your out fielders.

Many times, addition outsource partners are needed to bring everything together. This could be the addition of a consultant or coordinator for a specific event, or your live marketing group that would also include talent, script writing or presentation support. Always check references and ask for previous work samples for all your team players.

Know the importance of the designated hitter.

Reliability is key to any event.  make sure you have a clear line of communication with your supporting staff. Keep your contacts close from show management and hotel management all the way to your general contracted representatives. You may need to call on these people with out warning and they need to be able to step in and hit a home run for you.

The role of the closer is critical.

Every bullpen in baseball has one pitcher that is usually known as the “Closer”. In sales, we usually have more than one.  Identify and communicate with your company’s closers in order to get them pumped up for the big game. ROI in trade shows is what we are all after, right? So make sure your sales team a.k.a your closers have what they need to perform. Lead tracking and management is your best measuring stick.

Watch the game film.

In any sport, the day after a game is usually the day to re-cap and evaluate performance.  Always take the time to review your projects with all your players.  In the end it’s hard to find the time, but making the time and getting through it will yield better results the next time you take the field.


Vortex Displays just might be your next best #1 draft pick. Our extensive experience with trade show displays, corporate marketing events, rental exhibit solutions and briefing centers make us a great partner and strong member of your communications team. We great starters, closers and and excellent bullpen to keep you on top of your game.

So we ask again



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