Why is the “Buzz” around the Apple iCar so Important to Marketers.


Image: Google Prototype Self-Driving Car

Apple iCar? Really? We are always locked into the Apple news of the day… if you use Apple products or not, YOU pay attention to an industry leader.

The definition of Guerilla marketing (according to Wikipedia) is:

Guerrilla marketing was initially used by small and medium-sized businesses, but it is increasingly being adopted by big business. The concept of guerrilla marketing rises from an unconventional system of promotion that relies on patience, energy, and imagination rather than a big advertising budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, potentially interactive, with consumers targeted in unexpected places.

Now, let’s reverse our position on this position and think about Apple. Apple has certainly set the benchmark for what face-to-face marketing has become. It is an event… a spectacle. Make noise and then make more noise. Steve jobs was famous for being a force to pull this off……these days, with social media, e-marketing and instant branding…….we need to respect the aggressive marketing of companies like Apple……but we all know, we cannot all be Apple.

Since this post and posting date, the debate about the iCar has heated up. What is Apple chasing? Or is Apple chasing at all? Does Apple care about Tesla? Does Apple care about Google?

Making marketing noise is what it is all about. Today (as of 9 am, press time for this Blog or tomorrow because it will all change again)…….Apple is creating a “buzz”.

Apple did not use #Macworld and they did not use #CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to move this product forward….after all….Apple needs to launch a watch first right? As we like to say, “tell time, before you drive.”

We ARE in the stage of companies like Google, Apple, Tesla, and Ford making a self-driving car….. It is coming and the Jetson’s would be jealous.


So, how is this related to trade shows and corporate events?

There is no doubt that we LOVE apple…….pioneers of products……they are not alone. Many companies out there are on the cutting edge of technology and some compete, beat or chase Apple.

For today, we focus on excitement….build up and keeping the community talking about something that is way far off in the future. Apple does this well….very well.

I always have said, “keep them talking about you…this is the way you keep current.” Of course I used to say this before social media was off the charts…..Did I just date myself? Anyways, if the iCar comes next year or 7 years from today……we will watch. We will pay attention and we will try to create a benchmark that we can use at our companies to do what the top 2% of businesses are doing.

Meanwhile, Vortex Displays prides itself of taking on all challenges. Relieving all stresses and making companies without “Apple Money” look like Apple…..

I hear it every day.

Today is a good day to dream about self-driving cars and affordable trade show solutions. They both really do exist.


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